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Fairy tale

Lol, "She" NEVER comes back... Well not back to people like us >.<

That's why I gave a 7 to an otherwise 10-worth animation..

10 for the job.. (frame by frame... wow)
4 for the story..


Lol, that was sadic...

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The game is really really simple. Like the "made in 24 hours" kind of simple. The concept was very clever (AwkwardSilence777 got it right imho). But... that's it. That's not enough to make a full game. (something with enough replay value to be worth it for me to take my phone, open google play, search for your apk download and install it). The 4 stars are because i'd love to see this develop to a full game, it has a good potential, and the other .5 is because it's very polished, the graphics fit together nicely (except maybe the bouncing game over screen, that's a little childish i think)... Keep working on it!
(For example, what about making the game horizontal and adding a "jump" option? Also, as someone suggested before, medikits would be nice)
P.S., Pizza, FTW

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I liked the fact that you tried to give a twist to the idle game concept by adding health and healing (even if in terms of game mechanics it's the same as clicker hero's max time for boss battles).
This game however has 2 main flaws: one is the laggy interface, at least on my PC (but it's an AMD a8, with 8 gb of ram... maybe there are some incompatibility issues)

And 2, so far( I've just beat lv 20 boss) I haven't seen any serious upgrade. Usually idle games have very expensive upgrades that cost a lot of time to get, but once you get them you have that feeling of "OMG I'm going to kick ass for the next some levels", then that upgrade's "powerfulness" gets gradually less relevant, until you decide it's not worth your money to buy another one of those upgrades and you wait until you have farmed enough moneyfor next tier, and then again you kick ass for some levels, and so on. That's what makes idle games (and gringing in general) fun.
Usually the formula to get an upgrade's "power" (like damage) is like this: (costant^tier)*(quantity owned) while the price to buy another is base price + increment * (costant^quantity owned), and the player must guess what is the most efficient upgrade to purchase next.
Sorry for the poor english, I can see you have some good potential, so I thought it was worth my time to give you some advice.

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VaragtP responds:

Thank you! I listen to all feedback! :)

"A gnome stabs you and runs away."

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Great O.o

It's just f*****g awesome!!!

Where the hell have you learnt to draw so well?
I have troubles with drowing stikmans XD

AssKiller responds:

the best teacher you can have is your own eyes my friend. Looking at stuff around you and understanding how they're made and how the react to light :)

Nice one

@InfectedRabbit: Lol XD

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